Name Country Rank
ROSCONI (sn) Argentina 97
Uruguay 97
Italy 98
PETER (gn) United Kingdom  1
Australia  1
Switzerland  1
Germany  1
Netherlands  1
Sweden  1
Austria  1
Denmark  1
New Zealand  1
Hungary  1

The table above lists the countries where the name you entered wasfound, in descending order of the name's relative frequency withineach country. Countries where the name is found often are listedbefore those where the name is less frequent. The number shown foreach country indicates how common that name is relative to other namedata for that particular country. These numbers are normalized ratherthan absolute, and range from 1 (the group of most common names) to 99(the group of least common names). For example, for the given name Padraig, the countries of Ireland, Great Britain, and New Zealand are returned, listed in that order. This means that Padraig was found more often in Ireland than in either Great Britain or New Zealand. The number 20 listed next to Ireland means that Padraig is in the group of names that rank 20th most common among other names from Ireland. (Compare this to results for the name Michael which is shown as "1" for Ireland, meaning that it is among the most common names in Ireland and is much more common than Padraig in that country.)

When the relative frequency of a name is the same in two or more countries, the country having the larger set of data in the Global Name Reference Encyclopedia repository is listed first. For example, Maria is among the most common names in Mexico,Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Italy, Venezuela, Colombia, Portugal and Chile, with a frequency rank of 1 for each of these countries.However, because Mexico has more name data present in theGlobal Name Reference Encyclopedia repository than any of the others, Mexico is ranked abovethe others in the list.

Frequency information for a name is generated from a data repository of almost a billion names gathered from around the world.